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Historical artifacts have been lost, discarded or destroyed because there was no appreciation of history and/or space to store these items. When the student center space became available following the opening of the new cafeteria, the opportunity presented itself for some priorities to be met. Storage for artifacts was a priority as well as the addition of another conference room for use at Asheville High. With this space came the opportunity to offer a museum area and to assist with reunions and to encourage former students to reconnect with the school. In January of 2007, the School Board approved the project to develop an Alumni Center for Asheville City Schools. The space required upgrading of fire alarm, security, electronic, plumbing, and internet to bring the 1970’s era building up to current building codes. Also added were lighting, sheet rock applied to the concrete walls with shelves, paint and carpeting. The vast majority of this construction was done by the Asheville City Schools Maintenance Staff.


Currently, there is no funding for the operation of the center. It is hoped that there will be enough interest from alumni, retired teachers and the community to have volunteers maintain and operate the center. Proceeds from sales in the store area of the center, as well as donations, will be used to offset the cost of operations for the center.

Center Goals and Purpose

GOAL: To preserve history and to honor Graduates, Educators, Administrators and Friends of Asheville City Schools since 1887.

RETRIEVE - To gather artifacts, pictures, records, and memorabilia available from Asheville City Schools (both former and present schools) since 1887.

INVENTORY - Inventory artifacts, categorize and repair, if needed, and store in o­ne secured storage area known as the Archive Room.

DISPLAY - Organize information and prepare permanent and rotating displays representing Asheville City Schools (before, during, and after integration), focusing primarily o­n the high schools: Asheville High, Catholic Hill School, Lee H. Edwards High, South French Broad High and Stephens-Lee High. (Although Stephens-Lee has its own alumni center, the director will act as a consultant and that school will be represented along with the other high schools in this facility.) Information o­n Asheville City Schools of the past will also be collected.

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Dave Keyes is a 1973 Graduate of Asheville High School. He was a 3 year letterman on the Asheville High School Wrestling Team. After graduation, Dave served 12 years in the U.S. Air Force. He resides in Columbia, South Carolina and has been employed as a web architect for over 25 years. He has his own web development company KeyesSoftware. His website is located at KeyesSoftware.com. His company provides services in custom web design and web maintenance services. Dave generously donates his time and talents to The Alumni Center and also hosts the Asheville High Class of 1973 website at www.ahsweb1973.com.


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