Upload Photo(s):

Upload Photo(s)

Be sure to name your photo files with your firstname_lastname_the_names_of_the_people.jpg on each of your photos you are uploading. This way, I will know what to name the Photo Gallery, and the photo gallery will automatically use the peoples names in the title.

For instance, your photo file name is DSC_00001.jpg, it has the following people in the photo: John Doe, Jane Smith, Wayne Newton, Shelly Winters. Your name is Steve Smith, you would rename the file as:


If you have any questions, email me at webmaster@thealumnicenter.com

The maximum width and height of your photos can only be 3800 (W) x 2500 (H) pixels, and the max file size is 4 MB per photo. You are allowed to upload up to 20 photos at a time as long as the total bytes are less then 500 MB.